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Uncommons: Where Urban Cool Meets Gastronomic Brilliance in Las Vegas

01 June 2023
Uncommons Vegas

Welcome to Uncommons, a mesmerizing urban and dining destination in Las Vegas. Uncommons exudes a unique blend of vibrancy, innovation, and culinary excellence that captivates both locals and visitors alike. This dynamic environment is a true testament to the city’s constant evolution and its commitment to providing unforgettable experiences. We will explore the fascinating features of Uncommons and highlight its diverse array of restaurants.

An Urban Oasis

Uncommons offers a respite from the bustling energy of Las Vegas, providing a distinct urban oasis that fosters a sense of community and creativity. The architecture seamlessly integrates sleek modernity with elements of nature, creating a harmonious space that invites exploration. Winding paths adorned with vibrant art installations, lush greenery, and cozy seating areas evoke a tranquil ambiance, perfect for both relaxation and socialization.

Uncommons Vegas

Culinary Delights at Uncommons

The future is bright for Uncommons, where culinary exploration and innovation will converge in an immersive and vibrant atmosphere. Be ready to satisfy your cravings, embark on gastronomic adventures, and discover new tastes that will leave an indelible mark on your palate.

Restaurants at Uncommons Las Vegas:

  • Urth Caffe: Indulge in organic and sustainably sourced cuisine at Urth Caffe, known for its artisanal coffees, flavorful salads, sandwiches, and delectable pastries.
  • Mercadito: A neighborhood bodega that caters to the Uncommons community. Step into Mercadito and discover a cozy haven where you can indulge in authentic sandwiches and coffee.
  • Sunlife Organics: Experience the power of healthy, organic, and nutrient-packed offerings at Sunlife Organics. From cold-pressed juices and smoothies to nourishing bowls and superfood elixirs, this eatery offers a refreshing and revitalizing menu.
  • Teaspoon: Indulge your sweet tooth at Teaspoon, a dessert destination that specializes in artisanal ice cream, bubble teas, and delightful confections. Treat yourself to a variety of flavors and innovative creations that are sure to satisfy you.

Recent and upcoming openings:

  • All’Antico Vinaio: Indulge in authentic Tuscan sandwiches made with high-quality ingredients and artisanal bread.
  • Amari: Experience the artistry of Italian cuisine curated by renowned chef Jason Rocheleau, with dishes that showcase the rich flavors and traditions of Italy.
  • Bar Oysterette: Delight in an array of fresh oysters and seafood delicacies, accompanied by handcrafted cocktails and a lively atmosphere.
  • Barzotto: Discover the comforting flavors of Italian-American cuisine, featuring hearty pasta dishes, flavorful sauces, and delectable desserts.
  • B.S. Taqueria: Enjoy a modern take on traditional Mexican street food, with an emphasis on bold flavors and creative culinary twists.
  • Dhaba Ji: Immerse yourself in the vibrant and aromatic world of Indian cuisine, featuring traditional dishes bursting with spices and flavors.
  • Diane’s Bloody Mary Bar: Customize your own bloody mary concoction with an extensive selection of garnishes, hot sauces, and flavor profiles.
  • Easy Slider: Indulge in gourmet sliders featuring a variety of delicious fillings, accompanied by creative sides and innovative flavor combinations.
  • GYU+: Experience the art of Japanese barbecue with premium cuts of meat, grilled to perfection and served alongside traditional accompaniments.
  • J. Blanco: Savor the flavors of Latin American cuisine, with a menu that highlights the diverse culinary traditions of the region.
  • Kávos Coastal Greek Grill: Transport your taste buds to the Greek islands with fresh seafood, vibrant salads, and traditional Mediterranean flavors.
  • Kowbird: The chefs at Kowbird masterfully combine ingredients and techniques to create harmonious and surprising flavor profiles.
  • LaMill Coffee: Indulge in exceptional coffee creations, featuring carefully sourced beans and expertly crafted brews that satisfy even the most discerning coffee lovers.
  • Mizunara: Experience the art of sushi and Japanese cuisine, with a focus on fresh seafood, precise craftsmanship, and elegant presentation.
  • Petite Peso: Enjoy a fusion of Filipino and Los Angeles flavors, with dishes that combine the best of both culinary traditions for a unique dining experience.
  • Saint Honoré: Delight in French patisserie delights, including delicate pastries, exquisite cakes, and buttery croissants that transport you to the streets of Paris.
  • Salt & Straw: Indulge in small-batch, handcrafted ice creams featuring unique and inventive flavors that push the boundaries of traditional frozen treats.
  • Smitten Ice Cream: Experience the magic of liquid nitrogen-churned ice cream, with made-to-order creations that are both delicious and visually stunning.
  • Soulbelly: Dive into the world of barbecue and soul food, with slow-smoked meats, flavorful sides, and comforting Southern classics.
  • Todo Bien: Embodies the essence of a tiki tequilería, where expert mixologists skillfully create enchanting cocktails in a captivating tropical haven.

Uncommons is ready to welcome you to a future where your taste buds will be thrilled and your culinary dreams will come to life.

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