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Lemongrass & Lime | Instagram

Lemongrass & Lime

11710 W Charleston Blvd c 120, Las Vegas, NV 89135, USA

Lemongrass & Lime invites diners to savor the vibrant flavors of Southeast Asia. Stepping into this charming restaurant, guests are greeted by a warm and welcoming ambiance, accentuated by contemporary decor and soft lighting. The menu boasts a delectable array of dishes inspired by Thai, Vietnamese, and other Southeast Asian cuisines, prepared with a perfect balance of fragrant herbs and spices. From traditional favorites like Pad Thai and Pho to innovative fusion creations, each dish showcases the culinary prowess of the chefs. The restaurant’s signature lemongrass-infused dishes and zesty lime accents add a unique touch to the dining experience, leaving patrons with a memorable and palate-pleasing journey through the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia in the heart of Summerlin.

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